Pick Up and Delivery Made Simple!

#1 - Custom Quality Laundry Service


 We are a full quality laundry service from pick-up to the delivery. Providing classic fluff & fold along with optional assistance in creating a systematic process for commercial businesses. All the things you need in terms of laundry, after all, we are the experts and we’re here to help! 

#2 - Schedule


 Scheduling is made very simple. We are available 7 days a week for your convenience. We would need at least 24 hours in advance before you call or text (310)-926-2426 

#3 - Pick Up


Now that the hard part is done, we will then take your laundry to be professionally processed. All details would be discussed during the scheduling process. 

#4 - Relax!


Spend time doing what you want! Catch up on a book, go for a walk or get some work done. Let us wash, dry and fold your laundry and bring it right to you!

#5- Delivery


 This is when our customers smile the most. At your convenient time, we can deliver your professionally cleaned laundry right where you need it.

#6 - Rinse and Repeat!


Now that you have experienced a happy Pick Up and Delivery Experience from us it's about time to do it again! Schedule a routine, regular Pick Up and Delivery service with us to save time! 

Services For What You Need Done

Dry Cleaning



Great for anything that you need cleaned, pressed, and returned on a hanger.

- Dry Cleaning made simple with our easy to use Pick Up and Delivery System.

- Each piece of clothing is inspected for stains professionally, so we can treat them individually.

- Lastly, your clothes are returned, pressed and on hangers at a convenience time

Wash and Fold



Great for all of your everyday laundry needs. Returned freshly washed and folded.

- Let us know your cleaning preferences, like detergent type and fabric softener.

- We will carefully assess your clothes and wash accordingly.

- Your clothing is returned neatly folded.

Hang Dry


Great for delicates, active wear, and other clothing that should avoid heat from the dryer.

- Before cleaning, we will assess your clothes to ensure they are ready for washing.

- Your clothing is machine washed in cold water to prevent shrinking.

- Your clothes are hung until they’re completely dry, and returned to you happily folded. 


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